Simon Pham (Pham Quoc Cuong)

Hi! Welcome to my blog.

My basic info

• Full name: Phạm Quốc Cường
• Nickname: Simon
• Birthday: March 23rd, 1999
• Hobbies: Coding + music, playing Teemo in League of Legends,…

I love making apps

I started coding since 9, with Visual Basic 6.

It was when I was 9, after seeing my brother got some very interesting Windows applications with his name on, I asked him how can he did such fantastic things like that. At first, he demonstrated to me how to use Visual Basic 6 IDE, and how I can create a button on the screen. Then he gave me a book — Visual Basic 6.0 self-study tutorial — this is where the journey began.

A look at Visual Basic 6.0 IDE

At that time, it’s a pity that I was only allowed to use the computer for exactly 30 minutes a day. Anyways it’s seemed to be enough for me. I kept following the book’s tutorial over & over again. Soon I started feeling bored. So I decided to make my own app. It’s a prank app, showing red screen error when opened. I tried to scare my sister with that but unluckily failed. I was not giving up and started to improve it. I picked up the book, turned some pages and started writing another prank app. This one has a hidden countdown timer. After it went out, the screen will start shaking rapidly and do not stop. After I had done a few testing, I set it up to scare my brother. Unfortunately, he killed my app using Task Manager as soon as it started shaking.

That was a great time of my life learning coding, until my sister forced me to stop learning that, as she wanted me to concentrate on studying at school. However, I still sneakily learned it when she was away. Until I was 10, my computer’s broken. But it wouldn’t stop me from coding. When I was in classes, I turned the middle pages of my notebook, drew some app user interface, and started writing code as I did on the computer.

Read more at: https://blog.simonit.dev/2018/07/14/My-journey-to-become-a-programmer

I have some published apps on Google Play Store.

• Check out my developer page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8748015601074315583

I am an Android enthusiast.

I had a great time "cooking" ROM for my Android phones.

When I was 13, I got my first Android phone — LG P698. At that time, I was so jealous that there are so many phones running Android Jellybean 4.1–4.3 but mine only got Gingerbread 2.3.4. So I tried to find a tutorial on the Internet about how to upgrade an Android device. I successfully rooted & installed a custom recovery for it. Then I installed the wrong firmware of another phone model, that freaked me out. Anyway, I soon found a way to fix that. Later then, I learned how to modify the Android firmware — we, at the XDA forum, prefer to call it “cooking ROM”. I made one for my phone, and it does look great!. Three years later, I got a new phone, it’s an LG E400. I also joined LG E400 community groups on Facebook to find if there’s any interesting firmware for the phone, but there’s none. So I cooked my custom ROM for it, named Simonogen. Everyone loves it. I still did the same thing when I got a new phone — Nokia X2 — a year later. I made Simonoid for Nokia X2. This one is the best firmware for Android phone I’d ever made. It’s really much better than the original firmware from Nokia.

Read more at: https://blog.simonit.dev/2018/07/14/My-journey-to-become-a-programmer

Android phones with stock ROM is really good now. With the suppport of Project Treble since Android 8.0, almost any phone can upgrade to latest Android version. That is some of the reasons that I don’t cook ROM anymore.

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